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Employment History

2014-Present        Associate Professor of English: Perimeter College – Georgia State University, Covington, Georgia
2009-2016        Department Chair of English, Arts, and Humanities: Georgia Perimeter College, Covington, Georgia
2009-2014           Assistant Professor of English: Georgia Perimeter College, Covington, Georgia
2003-2009           Instructor of English: Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur, Georgia
2001-2002           Instructor of English: Seoul Language Institute, Bundang, Korea

Academic Achievement


August 2009 – May 2017                       
Georgia State University
Graduate Courses
Major: English
December 19, 1999    
Georgia Southern University            
Master of Arts
Major:  English
June 14, 1997                         
Georgia Southern University
Bachelor of Arts
Major:  English           
Minor:  Sociology

Honors and Special Recognition

2018Outstanding Alumnus of a Developmental Education Program, Georgia Association for Developmental Education
2011Outstanding Service to the Two-Year College English Association
2009Paul Bowles Fellowship in Fiction, Georgia State University
2004Instructional Enhancement Grant, Georgia Perimeter College
2004 Faculty Fellowship for Service-Learning, Georgia Perimeter College
2000  Students’ Appreciation Award, DeKalb Technical College


Gray, Carissa.  Foreword to Kathleen DeMarco’s Defending the Intellectual Life in Early Modern to Postmodern Times: An Anthology of Literary Apologies. Lewiston: The Edwin Mellen Press, 2013.
Morris, Carissa. “Hattie’s Quilt (poem).” Theatre of the Mind. London: Noble House, 2003. 3.
Morris, Carissa. “Grandma Hattie’s Quilt (poem).” The Colors of Life. Owing Mills: International Library of Poetry, 2003. 1.
Morris, Carissa. “The Sailor Man (poem).” Stepping Stones: The Silence Within. Owing Mills:   International Library of Poetry, 2001. 20.
Morris, Carissa. “Summer Camp at the Ball Park (poem).” The Sound of Poetry. Owing Mills:  International Library of Poetry, 2000.

Professional Growth and Development


2022-PresentNational Organization for Student Success
2021-PresentSouth Atlantic Modern Language Association
2016-PresentGeorgia Organization for Student Success
2015-2017Two-Year College English Association-Georgia
2013-2014National Council of Teachers of English
2012-2013Georgia Council of Teachers of English
2008-2009Georgia Association for Developmental English
2007-2008National Council of Teachers of English
2004-2006Community College Humanities Association

Professional Presentations

2022“Reunite, Reconnect, Reengage: Make Learning an Experience,” National Organization for Student Success Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
2022“Reunite, Reconnect, Reengage: Make Learning an Experience,” Teaching Matters Conference, Barnesville, Georgia
2020“From Popular Media to Academic Discourse (Panel),” South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference, Virtual
2020“I’m not a techie; I just play one in the classroom,” Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference, St. Simons Island, Georgia
2019“When English Becomes Math (Panel),” Research on Teaching and Learning Summit, Kennesaw, Georgia
2018“Innovative Techniques to Engage Cyborgs,” Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference, St. Simons Island, Georgia
2017“Calling All Citizens of Collaboration Nation! Work Smarter Together by Using Innovative Best Practices (Panel),” Two-Year College English Association-South East, Charleston, South Carolina
2017“Nature vs. Nurture, and the Push for Retention in Developmental Classrooms (Panel),” Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference, Macon, Georgia
2016“Love, Shock & Awe: Cognitive Affective Strategies to Engage Adult Learners,” Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference, Macon, Georgia
2015“Love, Shock & Awe: Cognitive Affective Strategies to Engage Adult Learners,” Two-Year College English Association-Georgia Conference, Clarkston, Georgia
2012“Out of the Vacuum and Into the World (Panel),” Georgia Council of Teachers of English Conference, Pine Mountain, Georgia
2011“Convergent and Divergent Approaches to Teaching Literature and Composition (Panel),” Two-Year College English Association-Southeast Conference, Decatur, Georgia
2011“The Refinery: A Creative, Online Tool for Learning Support Students,” Two-Year College English Association-Southeast Conference, Decatur, Georgia
2010“Convergences: Creative Combinations for Teaching Literature, Drama, Film, and Art (Panel Chair),” Two-Year College English Association-South East Conference, Chattanooga, Tennessee
2009“From Zero to Sixty-Four in Fifteen Weeks: Practical Strategies for Teaching the COMPASS Writing Exam,” Faculty Development Day, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia
2008“Elmina Slave Castle: the Door of No Return,” Symposium, Georgia Perimeter College, Decatur, Georgia
2008“Transformative Pedagogy: Looking at Race, Gender, and Cultural Diversity (Panel),” National Teaching and Learning for Empowerment Conference, Atlanta, Georgia
2007“Happy Birthday: Adding the Element of Surprise to Your Lectures,” Faculty Development Day, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia
2007“Balancing Act: The Conflict between Test-Taking Strategies Preparation and Course Readiness in Learning Support Instruction,” Annual Learning Support Conference (University System of Georgia)
2006“Tuskegee Airmen: Heroes Searching for Home (Panel),” Community College Humanities Association Southern Division Conference, Asheville, North Carolina
2006“Tuskegee Airmen: Bridging the Gap between Reading and Writing (Panel),” Faculty Development Day, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia
2005“Service-Learning (Panel),” Community College Humanities Association National Conference, Boston, Massachusetts
2005“Service-Learning Faculty Fellows (Panel),” Faculty Development Day, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia
2003“Pitfalls of the Learning Support Program (Panel),” Faculty Development Day, Georgia Perimeter College, Clarkston, Georgia
2003“Support New Faculty,” Center for Teaching and Learning Retreat, Georgia Perimeter College, Young Harris, Georgia

Professional Meetings and Conferences Attended

2022National Organization for Student Success Conference
2022Teaching Matters Conference
2020Innovative Educators Summit
2020South Atlantic Modern Language Association Conference
2020 Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference
2019Research on Teaching and Learning Summit
2018Learning Support Academy
2017Two-Year College English Association-Southeast
2017Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference
2016 Georgia Association for Developmental Education Conference
2015Two-Year College English Association-Georgia Conference
2015Georgia Women’s Conference
2014Georgia Women’s Conference
2013Georgia Women’s Conference
2012Teaching Matters Conference
2012Georgia Council of Teachers of English Conference
2011Two-Year College English Association-Southeast Conference
2010Two-Year College English Association-Southeast Conference
2009Teaching the Middle East VII: Identities and New Realities
2009Student Success in First-Year Composition Conference
2008American Slavery: An Interdisciplinary Symposium
2008Teaching the Middle East IV: Media and Society
2008 University System of Georgia Learning Support Conference
2008 National Conference of Teaching and Learning for Empowerment
2006 Southern Division Conference of the Community College Humanities Association
2006Regional Conference of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
2005National Conference of the Community College Humanities Association
2003National Conference of the Kaleidoscope Leadership Institute

Professional Training

2022“Regular and Substantive Interaction,” Georgia State University
2021“Instructional Design: Adult Learning,” LinkedIn Learning
2021“Gamification of Learning,” LinkedIn Learning
2021“Understanding the Educational Impact of COVID-19: Preventing a Lost Generation of Children,” Georgia State University
2021“The New Way of Relating to Students: Teaching Students in the Time of COVID,” Hawkes Learning
2020“The Struggle is Real,” Georgia State University
2020“Trauma-Informed Pedagogy: Teaching in Uncertain Times.” Magna Publications
2020“Going Virtual: How to Create Student Curiosity in Remote Instruction Courses.” MacMillan Learning
2020“The Key to Teaching Online? Rapport.” MacMillan Learning
2020“Unwritten: Economics in the Age of Covid-19,” Pearson
2020“Flipping the Classroom,” LinkedIn Learning
2019“Active Learning in English Composition and Literature,” MacMillan Learning
2019“REVEL Training,” Pearson
2018 “Grading like Goldilocks: A Guide to Personalized Feedback That is Just Right” Turnitin
2018“Courseware Training,” Hawkes Learning
2017“Mastering Online Teaching,” Georgia State University Certification
2016“LaunchPad,” MacMillan Learning
2015“Affective Domain: Precursors to Academic Performance,” Academy for College Excellence
2015“Budget Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2015“How to Observe & Evaluate Faculty in the Online Classroom,” Innovative Educators
2015“Teaching Online with iCollege” Georgia Perimeter College Certification
2015“Seven Strategies for Dealing with Difficult People,” Georgia Perimeter College
2014                          “Higher Education in the 21st Century,” University System of Georgia
2014“Teaching Secrets That’ll Make Students Say Wow,” Cengage
2014 “Mastering Difficult Conversations,” Georgia Perimeter College
2013“Desire 2 Learn: Migrating Courses,” Georgia Perimeter College
2013“Budget Mangers Training: Travel Procedures,” Georgia Perimeter College
2013 “Green Zone Military Outreach Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2013“Public Safety Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2013“Hybrid Course Practices,” Georgia Perimeter College
2012 “Code of Conduct Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2012“Millennial Learner,” University System of Georgia 
2012“CourseMate Technology,” Cengage
2012“Advisement Enrichment Series,” Georgia Perimeter College
2012“Hybrid Course Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2012“Safe Space Workshop,” Georgia Perimeter College
2011“GIFTS: Great Ideas for Teaching Students,” Georgia Perimeter College
2011“Department Chair Leadership Roundtable,” Georgia Perimeter College
2011“Creative Commons: Using Digital Images” Georgia Perimeter College
2011“Order in the Classroom: Examining Student Civility,” University System of Georgia 
2011“Advisement Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2011“Managing Four Generations in the Workplace,” Learning Communications
2011“One-on-One: Informal Employee Performance Review,” Employee University
2011“Leadership: What’s Trust Got to Do with It?” Video Visions
2011“Teaching Adult Learners,” The Digital Innovation Group
2011“Budget Managers and Travel Regulation Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2010“Working at the Speed of Trust,” Georgia Perimeter College
2010“Managing Aggressive Student Behaviors, Attitudes and Emotions,” Innovative Educators
2010 “Performance Management: Improving Problem Performance,” Georgia Perimeter College
2010“How to Help Students Maximize the College Experience and Prepare for the Future,” Innovative Educators
2010“Enhancing Face-to-Face Courses with Distance Learning Technology,” Georgia Perimeter College
2010“Performance Management: Coaching and Performance,” Georgia Perimeter College
2010“Performance Management: Communication and Recognition,” Georgia Perimeter College
2009“Designing a Meaningful Syllabus (Service-Learning),” Georgia Perimeter College
2009“Introduction to iCollege, Distance Learning Platform,” Georgia Perimeter College
2009“Department Chair Training,” Georgia Perimeter College 
2009“Code of Conduct Training,” Georgia Perimeter College
2008   “Creating Conditions in the Classroom for Student Success,” Georgia Perimeter College
2008“Graduate Records Examination Preparation,” The Princeton Review
2008“Microsoft Office 2007: Beginning Microsoft Word,” Georgia Perimeter College
2008“Faculty Training, Online eCollege Platform,”Kaplan University   
2008“SychronEyes,” Georgia Perimeter College
2007“Faculty Certification in Online Instruction: eCollege Platform,” Strayer University
2006“Mental Health and Student Success,” Georgia Perimeter College
2006“Regents’ Exam Rater Training,” Georgia Perimeter College  
2004“FirStep: Adapting Your Class to a Distance Learning Format,” Georgia Perimeter College
2003“Designing WebCT/Vista,” Georgia Perimeter College
2003   “The Dynamic Syllabus,” Georgia Perimeter College        

Service to the Institution

2022English 1102 Assessment Committee
2021  Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education Subcommittee
2021Promotion & Tenure Peer Review Committee
2020   College to Career Pilot Participant (English Composition)
2020-2021 Business Administration Faculty Search Committee
2020-PresentEnglish 1101 Curriculum Committee
2020  Computer Information Systems Faculty Search Committee
2019-2020 Dean’s Advisory Committee on Promotion and Tenure   
2018English Lecturer Faculty Search Committee
2018Promotion and Tenure Peer Review Committee
2017 English Department Chair Search Committee
2017Associate Dean of English Search Committee    
2016 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Cohort
2016 Cultural and Behavioral Science Chair Search Committee (Chair)
2015 Faculty Affairs Operational Working Group
2015English Department Chair Search Committee (Chair)
2014English Comprehensive Program Review Committee (Chair)                  
2013-Present  Newton Campus Emergency Response Team
2013  Online English Department Chair Search Committee
2013-2016    Georgia Women’s Conference (Lead Proposal Reviewer)
2012-2016      Performing Arts Review Committee
2012-2020      Scholarship Selection Committee
2012-2015Diversity Alliance              
2011-2016        Arts and Humanities Executive Committee              
2011-2016   English Executive Committee
2011     Department Secretary Search Committee
2011Student Records Advisor Search Committee
2011       Georgia Perimeter College Career Day (Panel Moderator)
2011-2012 Disruptive Student Behavior Policy Committee
2010-2012   Executive Board for Literary Publications
2010-2016ESL-Foreign Language Executive Committee
2010-2011   TYCA-SE Conference Committee (Webmaster)
2009-2013  Academic Exclusion Committee
2009-2011 Humanities Executive Council
2009-2016  Newton Campus Arts and Humanities Advisory Council
2009-2013 Newton Campus Academic Exclusion Committee
2009-2010 Newton Campus Fine Arts Advisory Committee (Chair)
2009-2010 English Faculty Search Committee Liaison
2009-2010President’s Think Tank on International Education
2009-2010 Global Awareness-First Year Experience Committee
2009-2010  Learning Communities Committee
2009-2020Daffodil Festival Committee
2008-2009Course Materials Review Panel (Chair)
2007-2009Salary Study Committee
2007-2008 English Faculty Search Committee
2006-2008Faculty Senator
2006-2007Course Materials Review Panel
2005-2006   President’s Special Committee on Faculty Ratio (Chair)
2005-2006Grants Committee
2004-PresentLearning Support Curriculum Committee
2004-2006Faculty Senate Alternate
2004-2020Symposium Committee
2004-2005Gateway Advisory Committee
2003-2008   College Court Committee
2003-2010  English 1101/1102 Curriculum Committee

Service to the Community

2021   Georgia State University Cares: “Thank a Hero” Project (Volunteer)
2019   Rockdale County Youth Recreation (Cheerleading Coach)
2017-2019         Georgia Association for Developmental Education (Board Secretary)
2014  Newton Campus Cline Memorial Garden (Donor)
2014, 2019   CPR Certification
2008-2009River Oaks Community Association (Board Secretary)
2005-2006Coming Alive at 65 (non-profit), Atlanta, Georgia (Board Secretary)
2005-2006Beverly Healthcare of Glenwood, Decatur, Georgia (Volunteer)
2005-2006 Briarwood Nursing Center, Tucker, Georgia (Volunteer)
2005-2006Premier Subacute & Rehab Center, Atlanta, Georgia (Volunteer)
2005-2006 Nurse Care of Buckhead, Atlanta, Georgia (Volunteer)
2004-2008Abandoned Baby Center, Nairobi, Kenya (Partner)